The Tatasi-Portugalete project is located 360km south-southwest from the city of PotosĂ­.Manquiri has a production agreement with COMIBOL to rehabilitate the area.

The Tatasi-Portugalete polymetallic deposit (Ag, Pb, Zn) is associated with a collapse-resurgence volcanic caldera of Middle Miocene age (15.2 + 0.25 Ma), made up of pyroclastic rocks, lava flows, volcanic domes and dikes with a dacitic to andesitic composition, which intrudes Ordovician (shale and quartzitic sandstone) and Cretaceous (limestone, marl and sandstone) sedimentary sequences. The volcanic complex is affected by a system of radial, shear and stress fractures. The fractures that are very isolated from each other did not allow the formation of large volume mineralized bodies, however, a small-sized stockwork accompanied by dissemination, reached the formation of enrichment of silver, lead and zinc minerals.

Andean’s Bolivian subsidiary, Manquiri has a contract for removing the waste material atTatasi-Portugalete Project.