The property is located in the department of Potosí, south-west of the city of Potosí at a total distance of 413 km. Andean has rights with the owner to advise and monitor various activities, including exploration, at Cachi Laguna.

Geology and mineralization is located in the polymetallic belt of the Altiplano and the Western Cordillera of Bolivia, between 800 × 200 km. Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu-Au-etc belt.

The most important characteristics include intermediate to high sulphidation epithermal mineralization associated with small and shallow subvolcanic plugs, flow domes, stratovolcanoes, lavas, pyroclastic rocks, ignimbritic shields, and / or volcanic calderas of dacitic, riodacitic, rhyolitic and andesitic composition.

Cachi Laguna is hosted in a 40 km2-sized volcanic dome located on top of a prominent stratovolcano within the extensive Pastos Grandes volcanic caldera of Pliocene age (5-7 ma). The volcano is an assemblage of lava flows and breccias of dacitic and andesitic composition with the Cachi Laguna porphyry dome towards the west.