Andean is introducing the main assurance systems and best practice guidance that are relevant. These are voluntary initiatives which we consider are the most applicable. These international standards provide allow for benchmarking performance in decarbonisation, tailings management, environmental protection, social engagement and transparent supply chains which are all fundamental to our business.

Andean recognises that to achieve its Governance objectives and to accelerate the business to contribute to an improved mining future requires professional expertise spanning the full mineral value chain. External advisors provide audit, systems development, and training of our people.
The Audit Committee will serve as an independent and objective party to i) monitor the Company’s financial reporting and internal control system, ii) review the Company’s financial statements, iii) Review and appraise the performance of the Company’s external auditors, iv) Provide an open avenue of communication among the Company’s auditors, financial and senior management and the Board of Directors.
A commitment to Sustainability and best in class ESG protocols requires a commitment to resourcing by hiring experienced people, delivering training that is relevant and supporting external research to keep abreast of best practice.
Andean’s Board of Directors has considerable experience in building mining companies. The Board has endorsed the Companies Sustainability Framework and acknowledges its responsibility and duties towards Sustainability and ESG.
The framework defines board and management activities that support effective governance. It helps differentiate between the primary areas of board oversight and the areas that management is responsible for.
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Corporate Responsibility

Andean Precious Metals considers Corporate Responsibility to be essential and commits to prioritising and evaluating health, safety, social, and environmental considerations in our business, whilst seeking to achieve sustainable development as a core objective. We seek to balance social, environmental, legislative and economic concerns in our business strategy, by focusing on the four elements of local governance, environment, social development and economic development.

Andean's Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Health and Safety

Andean Precious Metals values the Health and Safety of our employees, contractors and local communities at the highest level. We will create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors, consultants and visitors, and we aim for zero harm in the

Andean's Health and Safety Strategy

People and Diversity

Andean recognises that an inclusive workplace is a hallmark of the future-ready organization. Our people are our most valuable resource and essential to our success. Establishing the Andean culture will allow us to do more and be aligned which will enhance

Andean's People and Diversity Strategy


Andean is committed to sustainable use of resources, biodiversity safeguarding, and environmental protection. The company undertakes its activities in a manner that aims to reduce, manage, and rectify adverse impacts, and maximises positive environmental, economic and social benefits. We commit to a strategy of good environmental management for present and future generations.

Andean's Environmental Strategy

Community Engagement

Andean Precious Metals know that human resources are the key company asset, and that our social responsibilities are a basic priority of the business. We commit to the social and economic development of sustainable communities associated with Our Community Engagement Strategy

Andean's Community Engagement Strategy